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Supernatural Housewives

Brendan Breathnach

The Supernatural Housewives of Ballystrange tells the tale of a small town in Ireland that was cursed hundreds of years ago, a curse that condemned each generation of men folk to marry supernatural brides until the end of time. Or until such time as a righteous stranger arrived to lift the dastardly curse.The curse was at first a source of great shame for the God fearing and stalwart men of the small coastal town. But as the centuries rolled by, some men discovered that being wed to a supernatural woman had both its pleasures and its privileges. And it eventually came to be that the men of Ballystrange lived in constant fear of that righteous stranger arriving on their shores… The Supernatural Housewives of Ballystrange is the story of that stranger's arrival... a sexy demon slayer called Deirdra whose sole mission is to eradicate each supernatural housewife and lift the curse forever. Supernatural Housewives is written and narrated by Brendan Breathnach.